What 2016 Taught Me

What 2016 Taught me | What Fatemah Says

Hey girls! Since its the last day of 2016 I thought of reflecting back to the year and share the things I learned about myself and people around me. (Disclaimer: It might offend a few people so please don’t take it personally)

1. Patience is not always the key

I believe and so do people around me that I am a very patient person. I may not tolerate a lot of thing around me and but I am a very very very patient person. However, there were a lot of times  in 2016, where being patient actually ruined the entire situation for me I regretted not standing up for myself.

2. Being an adult is not an easy job

I am 23 at the moment and believe me,  I wish wasn’t an adult. As an adult your family, friends and the “society” have a lot of expectations from you. They all want us to adhere to the “norms” and be good at it. What if  that is not my cup of tea?  There are somethings I wanna do my way but can’t because “log kya kahen gey”. This line has literally ruined the meaning of how I want to spend my life.  Thanks to my understanding family and my rebellious nature, I tried to break some norms in 2016 and live life the way I wanted to.

What 2016 Taught me | What Fatemah Says

3. Stay away from negative people and thoughts

Unfortunately, in 2016 I have been around a number of negative people with bitchy attitudes. Thankfully, I realized that they need to go away from my life for good and so I kicked them out 😛

4. Everything doesn’t happen for a reason

I’ve always believed that you make your own destiny rather then beliving that “Jo Kismat main hoga”. 2016 has totally resonated with my belief that you’ll get what you deserve and can’t take life for granted.

5. Being the nicest person doesn’t always pay back

I help people around me as much as I can, but I am  to see astonished how thankless people can be at times. I don’t expect to get anything in return other then respect and some positive attitude, but some people just don’t learn anything from their past. In 2016, I’ve learned not to be nice to everyone around me because at the end, I am the only one who gets hurt.

It might look like I have had a very bad year, but these are the lessons that I learned from some bad experience and would try my best not to repeat these in the future.

Hope you had an amazing 2016. Comment down one lesson that you learnt in 2016.

Can’t wait for all the fun in 2017!!!

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