Life Update/Goals for Oct 2018

With many changes in the new website, I have decided to add the life update section where I’ll be updating you guys with what’s currently happening in my life and also share some monthly goals. This will be like an online monthly planner for me to view and ensure I accomplish my goals since I have made my goals PUBLIC :p


For the past 9 months, I have been working in the Recruitment team of KeepTruckin, which is a US based Google Ventures. The company provides products and services to the trucking industry in the US for fleet management purpose. Did you know that KeepTruckin got listed in the Forbes  top 100 cloud companies in the world. As a part of the KeepTruckin’s Recruitment team, I have been working on fulfilling hiring needs for the Islamabad and Lahore offices.

One thing that I never thought before is that being a recruiter is not any easy job at all. Most of my days are very stressful which can be very unhealthy sometimes. There are times when I work 13-14 hours a day to make sure that my weekly goals are met which has badly affected my sleeping patterns.  But I can truly say that I have positively contributed in the company’s success by hiring some talented resources.

In all of the job hustle, the great thing that has happened is that I have found some amazing people to work with. People whom I can share my ups and downs with and people whom I can learn from on an everyday basis. Working in a team can be a little anxious too due to conflicts, but I believe that conflicts too can be a learning.


  1. Complete my hiring goal at work.
  2. Write at least 1 blog post every week-yes that’s the plan!
  3. Ensure that I start interviewing people for my thesis-VERY IMPORTANT!
  4. SAVE MONEY!!!!!!
  5. Spend time with my family-I haven’t been able to do that much =(
  6. Get shocked over the HTGAWM twists-SEASON 5 is out now!
  7. Gain at least 2 KGs-Now that’s a goal!
  8. Film at least 2 YouTube videos-need your suggestions.
  9. Be consistent on my Instagram-need an INSTAGRAM HUSBAND=p

What are your plans for October 2018?

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