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Saving Money-How I do it?

Anyone who knows me, would know that I don’t like spending money randomly. I always like to save money because I know how much effort I or my parents have put in earning that money. All things said, it can sometimes become very difficult to save money in the time when everything is so damn expensive. This is why I wanted to share my tips and tricks on saving money and how you can spend it wisely.

  1. Open a saving account

One of the basic things everyone needs to have is a saving account because that’s a great way to start keeping a certain amount of cash saved up  for future. The very first bank account that I opened was when I was 19. The primary reason for having this saving account was because I received a merit scholarship in my bachelors and I needed a bank account to receive the reimbursement every semester in that account. Later when I started earning from my blogging, I used the same account to receive payments from brands. In the start of 2018, when I got my first full time job, I  had to  a open another bank account for payroll purposes which meant that I now had two  bank accounts. What I did was that I started transferring a major chunk of my salary in the saving account to make sure I am not spending all that hard earned money on material stuff that I just wanted and not needed.  If you want to travel, shop, pay rent, buy groceries or pay for  your tuition, just start saving up like this , because trust me when you have an amount saved up, it can always help you in any emergencies.

2. Shop from Sales

Believe it or not, I NEVER buy things at full price. I always shop from sales or use discount codes because I know that majority of these shops whether physical or online ones are selling their products at a very high prices. The key for saving money from sales is to sit back and wait for sales because that is the only thing I can do =p I have a few discount codes in my Instagram higlights, so do follow me there.

3. Don’t Carry Cash

I know it sounds very stupid but I never carry more then 200-300 rupees in my wallet because I know that I can spend my money very easily, specially on junk food. However, I always carry my debit cards in case I need to withdraw cash in an urgency.

4. Keep a check on your expenses

Since I hardly carry cash, I try to save the ATM or payments receipts in my wallet to check  how much I spent that month even though I use the online bank services. This helps me keep a check on what am I spending on (mostly food =p) and how I can lessen that expense. If you carry cash, I would suggest to make a note, maybe in a diary or your phone every time you spend your money to keep a check on yourself and save some money!

5. Pack your food to work/uni

When I was I was doing my bachelors, many times I would go out with my friends or have lunch in the uni cafes which meant that I was mostly spending my money on either food or stationery/photocopies. Even at work, most of my money goes into food, which is why I think packing your lunch/dinner with some snacks like fruits or salads is always a good way to save your money.

Since I don’t  enjoy shopping, saving money is a lot easier for me. But if you love shopping, stop scrolling your Instagram and envying people for their clothes or makeup because that not only is mentally unhealthy but  it creates this urge to buy more stuff. Also avoid watching these HUGE HAUL VIDEOS on YouTube all the time because it does no good but only reduces your money

These are some ways I save my money, if you have any tips, feel free to comment below and help others.

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  1. Riffat says:

    Strongly agree with you fatimah! Being an economical shopper, i also have the same views. And it really does no good to us but reduces our money. 💵

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