Interview Mistakes That Needs to Stop Already!

Being a recruiter, I meet and interview people on an everyday basis. Unfortunately,  I see some very common mistakes that candidates make which could ruin his or her chances of getting employed at the company. If you are currently searching for jobs, or have an interviews to give, I would definitely suggest  you to go through this post to avoid some extremely common interview mistakes.

1. Bad Introductions

The biggest turn off for an interviewer is when an applicant is unable to smartly introduce her or himself. The correct way to introduce yourself is to include the following details:

a. Your full name
b. Your Qualification and the institutes you’ve studied from
c. Your previous job/internship experiences
d. Reasons for applying for that job

Every interviewer already knows all the above mentioned information, because he/she has reviewed your resume or online application prior to your interview. The primary purpose of this short introduction is to see how well you can speak and compress a bunch of details in a few sentences. Even though  you might have the required technical skill, but if you’re unable to smartly answer such a basic question, it can always  put a bad impression on the recruiter or the managers.

Pro Tip: Keep your introduction brief and try to finish it in max 2 mins, nobody is interested in your life story-TRUST ME!

2. Not Doing your Research

I literally cringe when an applicant doesn’t do his/her research on what the company does, or what the role requires the applicant to do when he/she is hired. Guys  NEVER apply for a job without doing your research, that is a basic etiquette. It is not a recruiter’s job to feed you with all the important information, because we would rather help the candidate who did his homework then the one who randomly applied or is to cool for doing his research!

3. Having the Wrong Attitude

An interview is always a learning process be it a telephonic interview, a face to face interview or even an online one. Never give an interview with the attitude that you’re to good for the company because TRUST ME, you can be easily replaced by other applicants. Always follow the recruiter’s instruction, because other then you, it’s us who wants to fill that position, so we recruiters are also working for the same goal. Don’t be over-confident, because that gives us an impression, that you’re not flexible enough to adapt and learn new things.

4.Bad Mouthing Previous Employers

When asked, why you’re switching your current job, NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER bad mouth your previous employer in an interview. As recruiters, we already know that you’re applying for a new job because you’re unsatisfied with your current job, for whatever reasons. However, I see many applicants bad mouthing their current managers, colleagues, the organizational environment or the company as a whole. This just shows that you are a complainer, and TRUST ME, no one like a complainer! It gives a cue to the interviewers that if we hire such a candidate, and when he leaves our organization, he would do the same thing with us and that’s not something we are looking forward to.

5. Sharing Unnecessary Information

My worst nightmare is when applicants don’t cut to the chase and  not stick to BRIEF ANSWERS. No one is interested in what your family does, or how your previous employer was just share information regarding the job you have applied for and how you plan to become a valuable addition to the company.

If you have any questions regarding interviews, resumes, job applications in general, do let me know in the comments below because I will be writing lots on the CAREER Section of the blog from now on. Bye for now!


  1. omg this was so important and so useful. I graduate from uni soon and will soon be caught up with job interviews and stuff, and this was super resourceful. So thank you so much for sharing!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks love!

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