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  • Luscious Face Contour Kit

    Luscious Face Contour Kit

    Hey guys, hope everyone’s good. Last week I received some Luscious Cosmetics in my mail and was super excited to test out the products for you guys.  Today on popular demand I am reviewing the Luscious face contour kit for you guys. Starting from the packaging, the luscious contour kit comes in this tin box with a […]

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  • Hello Glow 7 Day Challenge

    Hey guys how are you doing? If you follow me on instagram (Follow here) you would know that I was doing the Hello Glow Whitening Facial polish  7 day challenge  a few days ago and decided to do a detailed post about my experience. Hello Glow products are 100% natural, preservative free facial cleansers and claim to […]

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  • DMGM Face Primer Review

    DMGM Cosmetics Primer

    DMGM Cosmetics Primer is a sheer velvety gel that spreads easily on your face and minimizes pores instantly. Here is my take on the primer. DMGM Studio Perfection Foundation, Sheer Lipsticks, Skin Primer and Waterproof Kohl Pencil What is Face Primer? So for those who are not aware of what a face primer actually is, […]