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    Would You Rather Beauty Tag, What Fatemah Says

    Hey girls how are you doing? It seems that I haven’t done a tag posts in ages so here is an interesting tag post for you guys . As the title suggests i’ll be doing a WOULD YOU RATHER TAG POST where i’ll make a selection between two interesting beauty choices. Before I start answering […]

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  • 50 question Random Tag!

    Hey guys…how are you all….My junior year at college just started and I know I will be getting busy in a few days after the orientation weekend on Friday so I thought of doing this 50 question random post…My answers might be interesting, some will be completely boring but this is who I am…I hope […]

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  • The Winter Tag

    Helloooooo guys!!! I am sooooo sorry for MIA for this long. I promise I will make up for it by posting more fun stuff…BTW HAPPY 2014! I love winters…that explains all the winter posts I have been writing in the past. Now today I’ll be doing the WINTER TAG post that I wanted to do for the […]