Eid 2017 Story-What I wore and did on Eid

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah Sajwani

Yes I am finally back from my long Eid holidays. It felt so good doing nothing and just lying in my bed all day and watching some amazing K-Drama series (a post on that is coming soon). I had already posted my Eid outfits on my social media but those of you who don’t follow me there, this post is especially for all my blog readers <3. Since it had been extremely hot and humid in Islamabad, silk was out of the question and I decided to stick with casual lawn outfits on Eid.

Since chandraat was on the same day as my birthday (25th June), I dressed up a little more than usual and decided to wear this chic black outfit from khas. This two piece outfit was semi formal yet very comfortable though the silk dupatta became a bit of a hassle at the end of the day. =p

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah Sajwani

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah Sajwani

Every year we celebrate Eid with our relative in Islamabad and Pindi but since they weren’t in town, Khadeejah and I decided to celebrate the first day of Eid with some of our close friends. That day would be super memorable for all of us since the the only place open on Eid day 1 KFC =p

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah Sajwani

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah SajwaniOn the second of  Eid, we didn’t do much but yes I made my famous Mughalai chicken which my Instagram fam all say in my story that day. Those who are requesting the recipe don’t you worry, I’ve got your back. The recipe will be shared in the upcoming posts so stay tuned. =)

On the third day of Eid, it rained really heavily in Islamabad, and unlike most of the days, my father decided to take us out for lunch in the amazing weather. I wore this gorgeous Egyptian printed cold shirt shirt from Arora By Roma. Everybody loved this shirt, especially my Instagram lovelies. Its always nice to get compliments on OOTD posts there.

Eid Story 2017-Fatemah Sajwani

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  • Tayyaba Rehmat

    love to read your blog 💖 and your outfits are too good😍😍

  • S.Hassan Akhtar

    A well written post. From your uploaded pictures, expression of joyous
    with friends can be seen. But you did not mention the place where you
    went for lunch. Other than KFC, Howdy/English Tea House/Jessie’s were
    also opened on 1st day of eid.
    Please don’t go to KFC next time because all their franchises in Pak are very poor in quality and bad hygienic conditions as well.
    Anyways, Keep up the good work <3