Hairstyles for Spring and Summer (GUEST POST)

Hairstyles for Spring and Summer

Hey girls.

Sorry for missing all the action in the blogosphere due to my exams bu t I am back now (Yay!)

A few weeks ago I discovered a newbie blogger, Minsa Hassan  of Fashion Blitz, who belongs to Pakistan as well. She is super enthusiastic about blogging and a keen learner too. Today she will be guest blogging here so do leave all your feedback for Minsa here in the comment section. Don’t forgot to follow her Facebook page here.

Asslam o Alaikum Russ berries, Blue berries, Wild berries, Red berries and Apples!!!!

How are you all? Hope you all will be fit and fine. Well today I am going to share some useful and easy hairstyles for spring and summer. Before starting, I want to thank Fatemah a lovely friend, fellow and mentor of mine. Fatemah is someone who is so nice and supportive that she found my blog in very start and not only encouraged me but also helped me a lot. So credit of my blog also goes to her. LOVE YOU FATEMAH….:)

Now talk about hair styles. I took these images from Google. After detailed research and watching hundreds of hairstyles I selected these easiest hairstyles, which are possible to recreate in minutes. There are many other and very stylish hair styles and hair tutorials available on Google (everyone knows) but who has time and stamina to play with hair in summer. I think if  is possible many girls would get bald in summer hehe=)  Imagine the sweat in hair …eeeehhh …Hair lose their beauty in a single day and it becomes essential to shampoo them daily which Results in dry and frizzy hairs. Right  Girls??

So, here are some easy hair styles, copy them and adopt a trendy and stylish look. They will also save them from shampoo hairs daily. ( DO DIN TU NIKAL HI JAIN GAY hehe….)

1. Braids- Our  very own “Daisy CHUTIA“ a with little variation. This little variation turns “Daisy CHUTIA“ into stylish hair style.


2. Our Own Simple pony tail


Messy Buns (OHHH I just love them)

4. Natural Hair


Some time in pleasant evening or night you can let your hair free. They look really nice with light makeup.

In summer girls get annoyed by their hair and sometime their hairs look like a “CHATTA “ (Nest)….hehe. So, I tried to give you as many suggestions as I could. I hope you will like my efforts. Don’t forget to give your feedback and follow me on FaceBook. Take care everyone. Love you.

That were quite some awesome ideas. Thank You Minsa for posting some wonderful summer hair ideas on my blog. Hope you get all the success.

That is All for today’s post guys.

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