January Favorites | 2017 [Hair, Skin and Makeup Products]

January Favorites | 2017 What Fatemah Says

I can’t believe that January is  over, I feel like just yesterday I posted my 2016 reflection post. Ya I know I am a bad blogger-I am posting after a month. But if you follow me on Instagram (@fatemahsajwani) you would know how hectic my routine was. I was just getting 5-6 hours of sleep everyday that too where I would wake up in the middle of the night recalling my things to do list for the next day. Trust me I hated it because I couldn’t  blog at all in January. This entire week I was bed ridden due to my allergies and fever but I am glad that I am posting a blog finally. As the title suggests, I’ll be sharing my January favorites for 2017 in today’s post. Hopefully I’ll be regularly posting these monthly favs since brands are kind enough to share their new releases all the time. Cheers to them. Shall we dive in?

January Favorites | 2017 What Fatemah Says

1- Luscious Face Contour Kit

I am a big fan of this palette. Since the very first day I became a huge fan of the luscious palette although not everyone likes it as much. I have even reviewed and swatched this palette which you can read here in case you’ve missed it. Fortunately for those who didn’t like this palette. Luscious came up with another version though I haven’t tried it yet.  The reason why I am including this  in my January favorites is because I have been used the highlighters in the pallete almost every time I went out of the house, even when I was wearing no other makeup. It instantly gave my skin a glow and I love it.

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2-Luscious Lip couture

Another one of my luscious favs for the month of January is this liquid lipstick in the shade fame. This is a perfect red lipstick for us desi girls which stays on all day. Rather than using it as a lipstick, throughout  January I was using this as a lip stain by taking the tiniest amount  of this amazing lipstick just to make sure that my lips were looking red and fuller.  You can find links for my mini Instagram review with swatches below. Also if your’e interested in buying, I’ve shared a link to the luscious website down as well.

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Buy this Lipstick HERE

3- Keune Careline Satin Oil Treatment

The Keune satin range mainly focuses on dry hair, which I don’t have. I stay away from all moisturizing hair products except for natural hair oils because I have a super greasy scalp. I was quite skeptical to use the keune oil treatment as the shampoo and the conditioner didn’t work for me at all. It actually made my hair greasier then ever. Since the keune satin oil treatment can be used in multiple ways, where one of them is using it as a hair serum, I tried it and love it. It made my hair pretty shinier and less frizzy so I definitely recommend it to you guys.

January Favorites | 2017 What Fatemah Says

4-The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm

Its impossible to stay alive in the winters without a lip balm or a chapstick. Because I have extremely dry lips (LIKE REALLLLY DRY LIPS) I need to use lip balm daily especially in winters. So before going to bed, I’ve been using the body shop’s strawberry lip balm which came in this cute house shaped set. Do you remember my blog post on it? Nope? Check it out here.

5-Nature Charm Anti Mark Serum

Nature Charms is a Pakistani brand that offers home made organic hair and skin care products. If you remember I previously posted about their hair oils (read review) and sandalwood cleansers (read review) and everyone kept asking me on my Facebook page where they can purchase it.  All my  Instagram followers would know how much I loved this serum. It has become a night time essential for me and have been used it almost everyday in January. You can find my mini Instagram review here.

6-Real Techniques Limited Edition Contour Brush

This is the original one though but I’ve heard this is the closest dupe. It Works really well me and helps me contour my extremely round face easily. =p

That’s it for my post guys. I Hope you enjoyed my January Favorites post for 2017. The next post on the blog is  a very interesting one so stay tuned guys.

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