Makeup Week Day 1: My Everyday Lipsticks

Last week I asked you guys on my Instagram what would you like to see on my blog and majority votes came in for makeup related stuff so I decided to do a makeup week series where I’ll be writing posts related to makeup this entire week. For Day 1 which is today, I will be sharing my everyday lipsticks i.e lipsticks that I wear on a daily basis. I have been wearing these in many of my Instagram posts as well so I hope this post brings an end to all the curiosity =)

I have around 45 lipsticks and a huge BH cosmetics pallete (see here) with 28 lip colors but I tend to use only a few colors on a regular basis and use the other ones now and then wen I feel bored with my everyday look. Like many of you, I also love nude lipsticks and love them more then reds and pinks.

Makeup Week Day 1 My Everyday Lipsticks(L-R): Colourpop Frick n Frack, Colourpop November, Anastasia Beverly hills Lolita and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp.

Makeup Week Day 1 My Everyday Lipsticks

If you are a lipstick geek you must have noticed that all of them are soft matte or satin lipsticks. Because my lips are usually chapped unfortunately, I don’t prefer wearing matte finish lipsticks. Here’s a bit detailed description of my everyday lipsticks and why I love each of them so much.

Colourpop Frick n Frack: Described as a rosy terracotta satin lip color, the frick n’ frack lipstick is my go to lip color. Because I tend to wear a lot of blue, green and white outfits, this lipstick is always my first choice. Here’s an Instagram post where I am wearing frick n’ frack. =)

Teaser for vlog#1! Click the link in bio to watch the full video! @fatemahsajwani

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Colourpop November:  Whenever I feel like wearing a pinky nude lipstick, this is the one that I usually go for. It can sometimes wash me out a little bit if so I tend to wear a dark liner or use a bronzer to balance out my makeup.

Kat Von D Lolita: Confession-This is not the original ABH lipstick but a dupe however, the color, texture and longevity is the same as the original one. This Lolita lipstick was sent to me as a PR sample and I have been wearing it since the day I got it. Being a browny nude lipstick, it goes with every outfit you could ever imagine.  I wore this lipstick in the instagram post below


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp: My elder sister introduced me to this lipstick as she contrary to my choice wears a lot of pink lipsticks. Now this isn’t a full matte finish lipstick and can be worn with a lot of summer outfits. I tend to wear this lipstick when I don’t want to wear a full pink or red lipstick but somewhere in between. 

If you love colourpop lippie stix then do read my post here.

That is it for today girls.I hope you enjoyed reading this post on my everyday lipsticks. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my tips to color correct and hide acne spots &  scars so stay tuned for that. Till then, love you! <3

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