Makeup Week Day 2: How to Cover Acne spots and Scars

Makeup Week Day 2- How to Cover Acne spots and Scars

I think that I’ve become one of those bloggers who constantly talk about how they struggle with acne and still try to solve their readers’ acne problems. Nonetheless, after sharing my everyday lipsticks on day 1 of this makeup series (read here), on day 2 we’ll be talking about tips and tricks on how to  cover acne spots and scars with the help of makeup. Having adult acne, I really know the struggle of handling trauma of spots and scars, and with experimenting with makeup, I’ve finally up with a few genius ways of covering them up. Shall we start already? Here’s how you can cover acne spots and scars using makeup.

Color Correcting is the Key

There are a lot of drugstore and high-end makeup brands that offer color correcting primers. Personally, I haven’t used any, since I don’t like putting on a lot products on my face at the same time. Rather then using primers, I prefer the spot color correcting technique. Now what is that? Well basically, I tend to use multiple color correcter on the different areas of my face, which i feel becomes a bit too difficult to do with primers. This is what I do:

-use an orange corrector under my eyes do correct my bluish-black dark circles as well as any dark spots on the face. The orange corrector should only be on spots that left on the face for previous acne.

-use a green corrector to correct my red spots and any active red acne.

Because you don’t want to irritate your active acne, I would suggest you to use your clean fingers to apply the color correctors. Warning! Don’t rub it on the spot rather I would suggest you to pat it there.

A lot of girls have this misconception that a corrector would conceal your spots and scars, no that is not its purpose. The reason why you need to apply a corrector is to balance out the color of the spots and scars and getting it ready to be concealed with a foundation or concealer.

Makeup Week Day 2 How to Cover Acne spots and Scars

Some of my favorite correctors includes the NYX Correcting palette, Magicostmetix Concealer Neutraliser (read review here) and LA Girls HD Pro Concealer in green.

Once the color correction is done, apply your favorite foundation and concealer and see the magic happen. If you have large scars and pores, do use  pore minimizing primer before applying any corrector, foundation and concealer. Also don’t use a stippling or buffing brush, just use a flat foundation brush to apply your base.

WATCH the video below to see how I covered my acne spots and scars in less than 5 minutes!

That is it for Day 2 girl. If you haven’t read Day 1’s post on my everyday lipstick suggestion then click here.

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