Makeup Week Day 3: Best Pakistani highlighter Ever!

Makeup Week Day 3- Best Pakistani highlighter Ever

After sharing my everyday lipsticks on day 1 (read here) and how I cover my acne spots and scars on day 2 (read here), on day 3 of the makeup week I’ll be sharing a highlighter that I have been loving recently. Well technically the highlighter isn’t made in Pakistan but has become really easily available in the country. So do you want to know which is the best Pakistani highlighter? *Drum Rolls Please* It is the elf moonlight pearls highlighter. If you saw my vlogs on youtube recently ,  you would know that I received this highlighter in a bloggers goody bag, but honestly this has been in my to-buy makeup list for a long time. Every time I search for drugstore highlighters, every blogger and Youtuber recommended it!

Makeup Week Day 3- Best Pakistani highlighter Ever

Makeup Week Day 3- Best Pakistani highlighter Ever

This highligher as shown in the picture has a pink undertone and sheen to it which I normally don’t like but some how it just blended with my skintone so well. I think this will look great on all desi skin stones, light or dark.

The elf moonlight pearls highlighter is priced is  PKR 800, which honestly isn’t too much considering its great pigmentation, pay off and staying power.  Ever since I swatched this highlighter, I’ve become a big fan of this and have been using it on all my blog shoots lately.

Makeup Week Day 3 Best Pakistani highlighter Ever

Here is an Instagram post of mine  where I am wearing this awesome highlighter!

One of my other favorite Pakistani highlighters is the one that comes in the luscious cosmetic’s contour kit which I reviewed here. If you haven’t read the previous post from my makeup week series then click here! Let me know in the comments below your favorite highlighter!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on the best Pakistani highlighter. Can’t wait to post again tomorrow.<3

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