Meri Shaan Mera Paksitan-Making Karachi Beautiful

Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan-What Fatemah Says

For those of you who don’t  know, I am a karachite who moved to Islamabad as a child 22 years ago.The city of Karachi has always  had special place in my heart so when EFU Pakistan started a wall art campiagn in Karchi, I was super excited to see how  they will give  the dirty walls a beautiful makeover.

Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ is a CSR initiative by EFU Life in collaboration with Commissioner Karachi Division to reclaim the walls of major public areas of the city through thematic wall art and aims to eradicate wall chalking and negativity on walls.

After the successful completion of two wall beautification projects in Karachi, at Ayesha Manzil and NCC Sports Complex, EFU has now extended this campaign to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden East.

Here are some amazing wall art from this years campaign.

I am glad that I participated in this CSR initiative digitally and secretly wished to be in Karachi =p Pakistan Zindabad.

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for EFU Pakistan***


Author: Fatemah

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