My Favorite K-Drama List

My Favorite K-Drama List

You guys will not be surprised to see this blog post right? Ever since I started watching Korean drama, I am addicted to them. I guess I am impressed with the amazing plots, acting and cinematography of the K-Dramas I have watched. I think I have watched over 30 K-Drama and today’s blog post is all about some of my very favorite ones. The list is in no particular order or preference since all of them are of different genres.

1- Oh My Venus

My Favorite K-Drama List

Oh my venus is a romantic comedy about Kang Joo-eun a gorgeous teenager who grew up to become a fat, boring, ill-tempered lawyer whom people don’t take seriously. To get back her beauty and self-esteem she teams up with the hot Young-ho, a personal trainer. Sounds like a cliched makeover rom com? Belive me it’s not, as the story unfolds, you’ll see so much more than the love and romance between the two lead characters. By the end of the drama, you’ll be shipping the two leads and hating the antagonists, trust me! P.S this was the very first K-drama that I watched and got me hooked on to so many more other shows!

Some other must watch romantic comedies that I recommend you to watch are Marriage not Dating and Something about 1%, uncontrollably fond.

2-Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

K-Drama Doctor Romantic-Fatemah Sajwani

Personally I hate going to the hospital, it just super cringy for me to visit the hospital for even a blood test, but after watching Grey’s anatomy, medical dramas have become one of my favorite genres to watch. Romantic doctor, teacher Kim is about this new intern Kang Dong-joo who comes from a humble background but tops his class and starts his internship in the best hospital of the city. However, things don’t go in the way Dong Joo wanted is forcefully transferred to a smaller hospital in the outskirts of the city.  With no expectation about the hospital at all ,he find two doctors that some how play very significant roles in his career.

This K-drama is more than just a regular medical show, where every day a new emergency case comes in, and interns are learning etc. It features some of the most important lessons that life teaches us. All the lead  and the supporting cast played their characters so well that nothing seemed exaggerated and too real.

Other Medical dramas with a more romantic plot that I watched are Emergency couple, It’s Ok, It’s love, Doctor Crush


I personally am not a big fan of the fantasy genre but this kept me glued with its romantic-comedy plot. Goblin is a story about Kim Shin who was an army general 900 years but was punished by God and became immortal. The goblin-a protector of the souls can only die when he finds the goblin’s bride-his true love. 900 years later the Goblin find a high school senior who claims to be the goblin’s bride. I don’t want reveal a lot since I’ll be giving out a lot of spoilers. But it is one of the best fantasy stories I have come across after the Harry Potter series. You will end be wishing to be that magical world.

Other Fantasy dramas that will keep you glued includes, W-Two worlds and Strong Woman Do Bong soon (more of a rom -com with a basic fantasy plot line)

4-Tomorrow with you

Sticking to the fantasy genre, tomorrow with you is a drama that I literally binge watched in less than a day because of the suspense each episode was creating. Yoo So-joon is the CEO of the best real estate company in Korea and also happens  to travel time through a subway. One day he foresees his future and decides to marry an amateur fashion photographer in the hope to change his future. because of its mystery I can’t giveaway much of the story avoid any spoilers.  The drama not only had good lead actors but the supporting cast was just amazing which made the audience cry and laugh as well.

5-Radiant office

Radiant office-My favorite K-drama list

An office comedy never dissapoints me! Being a business student, I love watching dramas with an office plot and Radiant office is one of them. The drama starts off with the story of Eun Ho-won, who is 28 years old jobless girl who has already failed 99 job interviews. She finally get herself to apply for her 100th job and still fails and with no hope falls off a bridge. Just when she had given up her life, she is offered a job. Will she be able to survive her hopeless life?

Some more office dramas that I loved are introverted boss and chief kim.

You can watch all these dramas with English subtitles HERE. If you’ve watched any of these I’ll love to discuss that with you in the comments below. Share you fav K-dramas too. <3

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