My New Hair -Lob Transformation

Ever since lobs (long bobs) started to trend on pintrest and Instagram, I  wanted to get one myself, but have always been reluctant to go through the transformation. I never felt that a lob would suit my face since I have wavy hair and I won’t be able to get the pointed sharp lob look. Recently I got the courage to get a lob and eventually went to Faiza’s -the salon I have been visiting for my hair treatments for more than 10 years now. Thanks to the stylist (Ms Asma), I  finally chopped my hair and I don’t regret at all.  I showed Asma a couple of pintrest pictures that she could use for inspiration for the lob haircut with layers at the crown section.
P.S. For all of those asking my hair about my hair color-I use Saeed Ghanni’s Henna Dye only! Did you like my hair transformation?

my new hair-fatemah sajwani

my new hair-fatemah sajwani (2)

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