My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Night time skin care routine-What Fatemah Says

I find it extremely important to take care of my skin especially at the night time. I feel very guilty if I don’t go through a cleansing routine every night. It feels as if I am ditching my skin in a way.Having an extremely oily and acne prone skin I do make sure that I follow this routine religiously to keep it clean.

It is ironic that I have never really posted my night time skin care routine on the blog so I am finally posting it today. I have been recently trying some new products and some of the things are my old night time rituals. This is a very self explanatory post so I’ll keep it extremely short and share the products that I usually use on a daily basis. Happy reading!

1-Makeup removers Ft. Luscious Makeup Removing cloth

Night time skin care routine-What Fatemah Says

This luscious cloth is really amazing and takes off your makeup really easily. Did you know you can wash this cloth and reuse it a 1000 times-like literally! Also doesn’t everybody use the bioderma makeup remover? I know a few people use the garnier one, even my sister does, but I don’t like it as much as I love the bioderma micellar water!

2-Cleansing Ft. Cetaphil Face wash/ Netrogena face wash

Night time skin care routine-What Fatemah Says

These two are my favorite cleansers ever! What cleaner do you use?

3.-Acne Treatment-Nature Charm Ayuvedic Acne mask

4-Spots and Scar Treatment Ft. Nature Charms anti-mark serum

Night time skin care routine-What Fatemah Says

Did you know the best way to get rid of acne is finding out what produces your acne and eliminate it from your daily routine. I found out that dairy products are resulting in my acne so I am having a minimum intake of any sort of dairy products from December 2016 I think. Nature charm products have been a great help n taking care of my acne as well.

Yes I am currently not using any moisturizers at night time because I use the anti mark serum which is quite moisturizing on its on!

That is it for today’s short post. I’ll see you guys very soon. To stay updated on what I am up to on a daily basis follow me on my social media handles given below!



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  • The Luscious makeup removing cloth seems pretty legit. I had seen such cloths in the past but was not really sold until Fizzah from The Pout Painters demonstrated using this one on her Instagram! Also, need to check out Nature Charm products! xx

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