Nature Charms Eye Cream-Does it really work?

Hey guys? What’s up? Long time no see right? Due to my hectic office routine I haven’t been able to post anything here but being a good blogger, I didn’t stop testing products for you. If you remember, I posted about testing the Nature Charms’ eye cream in my Instastories a few weeks ago and today I am finally reviewing it for you guys.

I am sure that by now you all know that I suffer from chronic sinusitis which makes my under eye area very puffy and dark, even when I have a good amount of sleep and water. Even though the intensive eye cream by nature charms claims to reduce dark circles and tone the eye area, I wasn’t really sure that it would work on my properly hence, I asked Khadeejah (my younger sister) to test it with me so we have an unbiased review for you guys.

I must say that even which my chronic sinusitis, my dark circles reduced quite a lot, but I was pretty impressed with how quickly it worked on Khadeejah. Being a medical student who doesn’t gets an 8 hours sleep every night, she was also quite happy with the results and asked me to recommend this product to all of you.

The packaging seems really small (19 grams) for its price (PKR 1100) but because of its lip balm texture, you won’t run out of the product before 3 months I think. If you are looking for a natural way to reduce your dark circles, I would definitely recommend you to buy the intensive eye cream from nature charms. Trust me you’ll be thanking me later.

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