Nature Charms Hair Oil and Serum

Nature Charms Hair oil and serum | What Fatemah Says

Doing a masters degree is not the easiest job in this world. I miss miss writing blogs every week. I have so many things that I have been trying and have so many ideas that  I want to share with you guys but my hectic schedule and procrastination  don’t allow me to be as regular as I was before. None the less I will be sharing my experience using  Nature Charms hair oil and serum with you guys today. I am hoping to become much more regular in the future.

Nature Charms 20 Herbs Magic Oil

Nature Charms Hair oil and serum | What Fatemah Says

About: The Nature Charms 20 Potent Herbs Oil is especially formulated with nutritious imported Olive , Almond and Coconut Oil and herbs like amla, ritha, sikakai, fenugreek, flaxseed, rose mary,  lemon grass, ginger root, calendula, pepper mint, rose petals, hibiscus, camphor, garlic, sesame, winter cherry, false daisy, yarrow, basil, margosa seeds, curry and neem leaves have been added.

My Experience: This  nature charms hair oil is mainly for hair problems like hair fall, grey hair, dandruff and hair growth. Unfortunately we all face these problem but I am so glad that Nature Charm offers this magical hair oil in their store. I tested this hair oil by using this twice a week for a month and damn…I have completely fallen in love with it. It had not only helped me in growing my hair but has also made them shiny and voluminous.

Price: Rs 950/- per 100 ml.

Nature Charms Hair Repairing Serum

Nature Charms Hair oil and serum | What Fatemah Says
About: The nature charms hair repairing serum is supposed to be applied on damp hair. The main ingredients in this hair repairing  serum are shea butter, grape seed oil , jojoba oil ,vitamin E oil  and flax-seed oil.

My experience: I have been using this oil for about 3 weeks now after every hair wash which is only twice or thrice a week.  Because it is winters, the serum gets a bit thicker so I keep the serum bottle in a jug of hot water to melt it a bit before applying it on my hair.  My hair becomes less frizzy and very very shinny. I definitely recommend both these hair products by nature charms  to you girls.


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P.S. The packaging in this post are only sample size. To view original bottles please refer to Nature Charm’s Facebook page.

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