Pakistani Charcoal Mask Ft. Nature Charms *

Pakistani Charcoal Mask Ft. Nature Charms-What Fatemah Says

Having an oily, acne prone skin with large pores is not the easiest skin type in the world. Trust me! I am just so happy that my skin is all cleared up with minimum spots but oh boy a new pimple comes up out of nowhere. All you old readers would now that I have struggled with cystic adult acne for a long time now and I keep finding new ways to clear up my skin. I even gave up on dairy products. I consume milk only in tea and once or twice a month have a desserts or cheese based products. During this struggle of mine, Nature Charms launched their charcoal mask and I was very intrigued to check if this would work on me or not.

Pakistani Charcoal Mask Ft. Nature Charms-What Fatemah Says

Fun Fact: the activated charcoal in this mask comes from Holland which basically acts as a magnet to absorb all the dirt in your skin. Additionally, it has powerful detoxing clays like Kaolin and Bentonite which makes it most suitable for dry,  sensitive skin or oily and even acne prone skin. Isn’t that great!

I have used the mask 4-5 times now and it seems to work excellently on my acne. Because the mask can also be used as a spot treatment, it helped me get rid of not only dirty pores but it dried out two of my pimples really quickly.  This is a dry and wash mask and not a peel-off one, so basically you won’t have a painful  masking experience.

Pakistani Charcoal Mask Ft. Nature Charms-What Fatemah Says

If your’e looking for a charcoal mask in Pakistan and haven’t been able to find one then definitely get your hands on this one by Nature Charms. FYI this is a sample container (25 ml) and the original one comes in a 50 ml container for Rs 990 which may be used 50 times.  Get a 10% off with my code: FATEMAH on all Nature Charms products!

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