The Pure Bottle Argan Oil

The pure bottle-Fatemah Sajwani

Yes I know this is a long-awaited post but I always make sure to use a product at last for 3-4 weeks before reviewing it on the blog. The pure bottle sent me their very famous argan oil with a cute little note back in April but because of my extremely busy university schedule, I wasn’t able to use it on a regular basis until June.  The pure bottle argan oil can be used for multiple purposes i.e. as a hair serum, a face moisturizer, hair defrizzer and much more. How have I been using it?

1- Hair Drefizzer

Every time I wash  my hair, I’ll just let them air dry a bit and apply a few drops of the pure bottle argan oil to defrizz my hair. Not only does it helped in reducing the frizz, but it also made my hair super shiny  and silky. Since my hair is henna dyed, I don’t oil it as often, but the argan oil really helped in maintaining the health of my hair.

2- Anti-Mark and Anti Spot Oil

I am sure that you all know how much I dread having an oily acne prone skin which leave dark spots and scars on my face all the time, but thanks to the pure bottle argan oil, I have seen the spots getting little very quickly. The best thing about this oil is that you don’t really require a lot of oil which means that the 30 ml bottle will last very long =)

3- Pre-Foundation

I have been wearing the argan oil before applying foundation since I’ve been on an acne skin care routine which is pealing off my skin to get rid of the pimples. The argan oil is helping me preventing that flaky look on the skin when I wear makeup.

That’s how I have been using the pure bottle argan oil. Have you used it yet? How do you use it girls?

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The pure bottle-Fatemah Sajwani

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