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Every time I do a Q/A session on my Instagram or read your queries on my Instagram and twitter inbox, I get loads of questions asking how I have such healthy hair. My secret? Well its all about taking good care of your entire body, as your hair and skin reflects the way to treat your body. Fortunately my mother’s side of the family have had a history of long, healthy hair and I just took it for granted and didn’t bother taking care my hair until I had the worst hair fall in the sophomore year (4 years ago). That’s when I decided to religiously take good care of my hair before I get all bald. I’ve shared a few things that I do to ensure that my hair is healthy and shiny. Also these tips are a great help if you’re looking for ways to quickly grow your hair (Happy Reading!).

my healthy hair secret-WhatFatemahSaysThat’s how my hair looks currently. =)


Now personally I am not fond of drinking water like a lot of you. There are days when I only drink 1 or 2 glasses of water-I know it’s not healthy at all. But on a serious note, when my body is well hydrated, not only does my skin glows but my hair starts to shine as well. If you have dry and damaged hair, drinking tonnes of water, whether plain or fruit/veg infused, would be a great idea to incorporate in your diet.


I can’t emphasize enough on the fact that you must not wash your hair everyday. I only wash my hair twice or thrice a week (in summers). Now I know it may sound disgusting but when you wash your hair everyday, you tend to get all the necessary oils needed by your scalp, ending up with dry, frizzy hair- SO DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. Invest in a dry shampoo because you’ll not be needing a lot of shampoo bottles, or you can even stick to talcum powders like do.

my healthy hair secret-What Fatemah SaysMy Lob disappeared in only 2 month, I better get a haircut soon!


Amma (my mother) have a habit of eating vitamins and calcium supplements and I recently started taking them on a regular basis too and my oh my, I not only have shiny hair, but its been helping out in clearing my facial dark spots as well. =)


Now how many of us actually have the time to oil our hair regularly? I mean I don’t even have the time to wash my hair =p Every time I wash my hair,  I use a conditioner (you can use any according to your hair type) to ensure that all the good oils and nutrients remain intact in my hair and also prevent them from becoming frizzy. You can always use a serum/hair oil as an after wash step (I use this one).


Yes we all love using hot tools to style and it is every girl’s guilty pleasure.  Try to minimize the days when you curl, blow dry and straighten your hair and see the difference in your hair. You will not regret it. P.S. don’t forget to use a hair protectant whenever you style your hair with hot tools. Loving your natural hair is what you need to do, and you’ll literally end up using the styling tools as a last resort.


I always wanted to dye my hair burgundy but my mom never allowed it. Finally after watching hundreds of henna dye pictures and YouTube videos, I decided to dye my hair with henna 2 years ago and trust me my hair quality has improved drastically. Now I know a lot of girls of my age would resent wearing henna dye because it’s what old women wear on their hair, but who really cares? I mean, at least I am not the one with the yellow, horse’s tail-like hair right? Not only  does my hair have a reddish-burgundy undertone, but they’ve become a lot straighter, less frizzier and a lot more shinier.

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