How to Stay Positive #RamadanGoals

How to Stay Positive- RamadanGoals

Since it’s the first day of Ramadan, I decided to share a list of ways we all can bring in some positivity in our lives during and hopefully after Ramadan as well. Here are 5 ways to stay positive.

1- Stay Away from Negative People

Sounds quite obvious? Well it’s not that easy when you’re surrounded with negative people on a daily basis, even your best friend can be the person with the most negative vibes. These negative people just make your bestest moment the worst, ruin your entire day without even any conscious effort. These people are also those who try to hurt your self-esteem and show you down-believe me I have had quite a few around myself for so mannnnny years. If it’s your best friend then I would suggest you to talk with them about why you feel their negative attitude is affecting you so much. However if it’s a colleague or an acquaintance, just try to stay away from them as far as possible and maintain your distance.

2-Stop Gossiping

Unfortunately, I have been into the bad habit of gossiping in the past few months and trust me it does no good to anyone.You are simply just wasting your time judging other people and how they behave but expect others not to talk about you. Whenever you feel the urge to to so, just plug on your headphones and listen to your favorite music or read a book .This way your mind will be diverted and and help you to stay positive.

How to Stay Positive- RamadanGoals

3-Cut Down on Social Media

I remember my first ever Instagram Live Session (my Instagram @fatemahsajwani) where I talked about why I hate being on the social media. Everyday I read hate comments on either my feed or anyone else’s and it literally gives me shivers. The type of hate comments or negative videos bullying someone who people share  on their social media is the worst thing you want to involve yourself into. Even if you are not making those videos or commenting, liking or sharing those just makes you as bad as other people. Try to cut down on social media this Ramadan, and stop showing off what you had in Sehr and Iftar and concentrate on the essence of the month because Ramadan is more than just not eating food.

4- Have Some Me Time

In today’s time when we are busy with our work and multi-tasking so much that we ever some alone time. I tend to use the hour before I sleep as my me time where I just chill, listen to my favorite songs, ponder on the good and bad things I did on that day and try to improve those bad habits from the nest day. When you meditate, or have some alone time, you should try to concentrate on the positive things that are happening around you and thank Allah for all his blessings.

How to Stay Positive- RamadanGoals

5- Make Others Smile

Not bragging at all, but the fact that I have become a very considerate person in the past few years, I try to  empathize with others and make them smile because you never know what sort of day they are having. I feel extremely accomplished if only one person smile because of me. Trust me its a great feeling.

If you have other tips for positivity then do let me know in the comments below. Happy Ramadan everyone. My this month bring a lot of happiness for all of us. Ameen. =)

Stay Blessed, Stay Positive!