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  • Pepsi Food Table #ExcitingAbhi

    Each picture is a visual treat and makes me excited every time a new picture is added to the grid. Visit the #ExcitingAbhi on Instagram to see how Pepsi has made everyone else’s food exciting, I have posted some as well. Follow Pepsi on Instagram to see the whole Pepsi table. Don’t forget to share pictures of how you combine your favorite food with Pepsi with #ExcitingAbhi.

    If you haven’ noticed already, Pepsi’s latest campaign on Instagram has become the latest talk. Very recently, Pepsi Pakistan started posting the most scrumptious looking food pictures with our favorite drink Pepsi on their Instagram account (@PepsiPakistan). Now let me tell you these are not just any pictures, these are part of the #ExcitingAbhi Pepsi […]

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  • 7Up Asal Foodies Show

    7up Asal Foodies

    Hello Guys! 7Up Pakistan is coming up with a four episodes foodie show in which  celebrities including Anoushey Ashraf, VJ Shehzad, Ali Hamza, Ali Safina and others will be going to famous food places in Pakistan to experience and enjoy the ultimate food scene. Every episode will feature one foodie and the celebrities will spend […]