3 Ways to Carry A Shawl in Winters

Winters are a mega shout out to all the shawl shops. Actually, it’s the best thing about winters especially for us desi kids. Girls love wear shawls to look more classy and boys love to be badass with the shawls, haha! But nevertheless, both look awesome!

I’m a big shawl lover/ fan/ crazy-wanna-wear shawl/ no-winter-feels-without-shawl person! I love shawling around in winters. Black, off-white, blue, brown, grey, no matter what color it is, it is necessary for me to have it around my neck. Otherwise acha nahi hota 😀
#JustDesiGirlsThings you know =p

Today I will be sharing 3 ways  in which you can carry a shawl in winters. Do let me know at the end of reading this post which style do you use the most often. =)

1. Casual/ Everyday Look

3 ways to carry a Shawl | What Fatemah Says


This is my everyday look when I go out anywhere at any time. Taking it and walking around casually and care free is like heregoesnothing!

2. Classy Look

3 ways to carry a Shawl | What Fatemah Says

When I want to walk like a chick around that’s how I do it. It’s categorized under classic and formal looks too. Most people style their shawls this this while they are attending some wedding in winters. Plus this is a good style to go with when you are at a formal event or can be worn when you trying to look a bit formal in your university.

3 ways to carry a Shawl | What Fatemah Says

3. Badass Look

3 ways to carry a Shawl | What Fatemah Says

This is a famous style, every desi boy out there likes to carry his shawl but that doesn’t mean us girls cant style their shawl  this way too right? Well, I do it! And this is how it goes, with my flow!

3 ways to carry a Shawl | What Fatemah Says

That’s all for today girls. I hope you like it! Comment below your favorite style.
There’s one more way that I’ve shared on my personal blog. (Click right away)!

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  • Sobas

    This is so good. Hehehe. I feel over-joyed-proud person 😀

  • Saleha Qureshi

    lovely post i mostly use no 3 style that is . Badass Look

  • I enjoy the classy look 🙂 I am also studying at comsats and i think i saw you the last time i went 🙂

    P.S lovely post sobas 🙂

    • Sobas

      Really? That’s so nice! And thank you so much 🙂

  • Aisha Samir

    all styles are beautiful but i like the casual style most